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IMG_4907-Version-2Thanks for your consideration in joining UofN Cambodia’s Sponsorship Program!

As a Non-Government Organization and as volunteer workers we rely on financial support from people who believe in what we do. Without our supporters we could not impact this nation as we do.

Partner with us in our endeavor to improve the lives of Cambodians by becoming a sponsor. With your help, UofN will be able to extend our vision to bring hope and a brighter future to this nation.

The need for long-term partners  

In order to make a lasting change, people need to fully develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is our hope that sponsors will support us long term, however any donations that can be afforded is greatly appreciated.

Please see our different donation options below:

 For Monthly Donations:

Sponsor a CenterSponsor a Center:

Your donation will be carefully used to cover the costs of running the centers including educational resources, medical assistance and classroom amenities.

Here are the Centers you can specify to support: Punlue Jivet Center, Joshua Center, Youth Assistance Project, Children at Risk: Chom Choa, Children at Risk: Bati, or one of our YDC Centers (Kampot, Kampong Speu, Kampong Cham Center One, Kampong Cham Center 2)

Sponsor a Leader

Sponsor a Leader:

Donations to a Staff Members and Ministry Leaders will help cover their living expenses at the base or center so they can do the work God has called them to.


Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student:

Sponsorships for students will be used to cover their educational fees e.g. University fees are $350 – $500 per year. As we have many students in our YDC Campuses and DTS’s, Student Sponsorships are allocated to those with the most need.

‘Where Most Needed’

We understand that choosing a center, leader or student to support may be difficult if you have not had a chance to visit or meet them. That’s why we’ve set up our “Where Most Needed” fund! Your donation to this fund will allow us to distribute the funds according to the needs of each center. It will help ensure that all centers are receiving regular funding to cover ongoing expenditure.

Become a Monthly Sponsor Below:

Sponsorship Amount
Type of Sponsorship
Where/Whom to Give Donations
NOTE: You will need to setup a Paypal account if you don’t already have one. It is quick and easy (also free), and all you need is your credit or debit card. Cards from many countries are accepted, but donations are converted to USD. Currently, online donations are not tax deductible.

For One-Time Donations Click the Button Below:

Donate Button

NOTE: all major credit cards are accepted. You do not need to setup a Paypal account to donate one-time.

For donors in the USA who wish to have their donations tax deductible, have we set up a system with YWAM in Colorado Springs for checks and online through their website

Send a check, made payable to “YWAM.” Please do not write anything else on the check but include a separate note designating your donation to: UofN Cambodia (and specific ministry or staff member the donation is for). For tax purposes, you can not support a US citizen.

Then mail the check to:

YWAM Strategic Frontiers

Donor service

P.O. Box 60579

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80960


You will receive a tax deductible receipt from Colorado Springs. Please also send an email to in order to let us know about the transfer so that we can keep track.

For donors in Switzerland/Europe we have set up a system with a local church in Chur.

Transfers from Switzerland: PC 85-38625-6

International transfers: IBAN CH910900 0000 850 386256

Stadtmission Chur Calandastrasse 38 7000 Chur

SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX Swisspost Postfinance Nordring 8 CH- 3030 Bern Bankleitzahl clearing 09000