Students Volunteer Internship (SVI)

Our Students Volunteer Internship (SVI) program is registered with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.

This project facilitates placement of university students and other youth for short-term volunteer services in Cambodia, where they help with teaching English, children’s and youth activities, and support existing ministries in a practical way.

Facilitator Participation – 2017 numbers

Q1: 26 Groups visiting
Q2: 19 Groups visiting
Q3: 14 Groups visiting
Q4: 18 Groups visiting

Total: 77 Groups visiting during 2017.

Team Member Participation – 2017 numbers

The facilitator groups consisted of the following:
Q1: 303 Participating group members
Q2: 172 Participating group members
Q3: 182 Participating group members
Q4: 161 Participating group members

Total: 818 Participating group members.

Activities – 2017 numbers

The groups organized various events such as teaching English and other relevant children’s and youth activities, with the following number of participants:
Q1: 4093 Activity participants.
Q2: 3782 Activity participants.
Q3: 1976 Activity participants.
Q4: 2770 Activity participants.

Total: 12621 Activity participants.
Average: 3155 Activity participants per quarter.