Youth Assistance Project (YAP)

Our Youth Assistant Project (YAP) is registered with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.

The Youth Assistant Project provides housing, food, and scholarships to poor and needy students to complete their high school or university education.
There is the opportunity to take additional training such as English classes, Korean classes, arts, music, sports, dance, and computer classes.

Highschool Students (Saang – girls, Phnom Penh – boys, Sihanoukville – boys)
University Students (Phnom Penh, Battambang)

Participation – 2017 numbers

Q1: 48 Students (12 girls, 14 boys, Univ. 8 boys, 14 girls)
Q2: 46 Students
Q3: 49 Students
Q4: 48 Students
Average: 48 Students